Friday, August 5, 2022


A middle aged man from Cross Rivers State with the name UBONG JAMES said he was asked to sleep with a girl for cleansing before he will be allowed to enter a temple for ritual.

According to him, he wanted to get rich through Spiritual means, but the condition attached was diversionary to him. He therefore declined the offer.

He began to ponder about it for hours when he left there. This is because he had never heard from any where the kind of information  given to me.

He keep on seeking for an alternative means to get his bid, but all efforts were proved abortive. The Spiritualist who own the temple later told him that he can only be considered for the money ritual unless he brings some one who can perform the act on behalf of him.

He left there and was introduced to another powerful Spiritualist called Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple, phone ­čô▒ number(ZERO SEVEN ZERO, NINETEEN, THIRTY-FIVE, SEVENTHY-FOUR, FOURTY-FOUR) He got to his temple and explained his quest to him. The Spiritualist after consultation and examination of what happened in the former temple told him that.He was lucky not to have slept with the girl, if not his destiny would have been changed for the girl.

Chief Dr Faraji told him not to be bothered about the money ritual. He asked him to buy some items in the market and gave him  the ancestoral means of getting money. The Spiritualist does not demand any thing other than a little financial sacrifice in different denominations from the smallest to the highest currencies. He said the sacrifice have to be carried to  appease the ancestors before Spiritual money can be granted.

However, as he carried out the sacrifice . The deal was done by the Spiritualist at midday. Having done the needful. Money became a friend to whatever he laid his hands on. His account was an over flow of money every day. Up till now he don't lack any thing that is good in every respect. He is a rich man with many businesses  established in different parts of the country.

Chief Dr Faraji has been a wonderful Spiritualist who is anointed to save the life of people and deliver people from poverty. In case you are still doubting . You may contact Chief Dr Faraji for easy money ritual.

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