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Considered the father of Igbo highlife, He is one of the greatest exponents of Egwu Ekpili, a master of the native ubo aka. 
The Legendary Akunwafor Ezigbo Obiligbo was born on August 10, 1904 in Nteje, present day Oyi LGA, Anambra state.
 Akunwafor was his traditional ozo chieftency title.

He started out as a farmer, but had a dream one night in 1934 when he was 30 years old which led to the beginning of his music career.

His songs are strongly recommended for anyone interested in Igbo traditional music.

Chief Obiligbo began performing as one of many Traditional musicians in Nteje and mostly at funerals, weddings and other Traditional ceremonies before his popularity grew exponentially driven by his powerful lyrics which consists of deep Igbo Proverbs and some drops of praise singing.

He left a huge body of work, mostly on the Gramophone Record format, but many of his greatest works have been preserved, especially those recorded on the pioneering Nigerphone Record label at Onitsha owned by the famous  businessman of the early 20th century- C.T. Onyekwelu. This was the most advanced (if not the only) facilities in Igboland at the time i.e. the 30’s-50’s and was the forebear to subsequent recording studios/companies like Rogers All Stars and Tabansi Records. 

Though he may not be a household name for the younger generation, his importance to the older generation cannot be over emphasized.

Former Nigerian Head of State, Major General Yakubu Gowon was a very huge fan of his, he once gave him a car gift of 504 Peugeot after watching him perform.

Chief Akunwafor Ezigbo Obiligbo is the grandfather of the present-day highlife music stars, Akunwafor and okpuozor popularly known as Umu Obiligbo.
Some of his hit tracks include Igba ndi eze , Eze Idigo, Egwu Gowon, ogwugwu akwa, Njenje Amaka Mma e.t.c.
He would have turned 118 years old today.

May he continue to rest in power 

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