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I believe this post is important because many people do not understand exactly how an oracle speaks when you receive a divination. Whether the oracle is in human form (i.e. a medium, such as myself), or an instrument or symbols are used, the language of the spirits can be difficult to understand in certain cases.

Like the dream world, messages through divination can be told in stories, metaphors, symbols or codes. If the diviner is great at interpretation, he or she will lay it out plainly for the patron to understand.

However, when you receive a divination there are THREE important things to understand about the messages you receive:

1. Many times what the seeker receives a reading for will not be revealed in the reading. This is because during divinations, the spirit or the oracle will only speak about what is immediately important to the seekers life or that of his or her family. In other words, what needs your attention now is regarded as more important.

2. Spirits often reveal messages in an obscure way which can be confusing to the diviner but is meant for the seeker to understand. So, for example, if the seeker has a private concern or something the spirit knows is better revealed privately, it will be told in such a way that only the seeker understands.

3.  Some messages can be given but not intercepted, while others are simply not revealed at all. These are the messages that are either destined or who ever the message is meant for has already “signed” off whatever is to come, making it impossible to be interfered with by the divine

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