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A 39 years old woman in Ogun state explained how she had unsuccessful relationship with her ex- husband who treated her like a slave.

According to the divorcee she said and i quote my ex-husband was lovely, cordially and lively when they started the journey of their marriage, but getting to a point he became rebellious with every  little thing. He spent money on road side girls lavishly.

Also the most worrisome aspect of his new behaviour was drunkness which was newly imbibed by him. He came back home late in the night and started misbehaving through the influence of alcohol. I sat him down and discussed with him on many occasions, but it will turned to fight. He will beat me mercilessly as if i am a slave to him.

The slavery treatment of my ex-husband became unbearable and i decided to seek for Spiritual intervention from Chief Dr Ohanu Spiritual temple, phone (Zero eight Zero eight eight Zero seven seven three nine five) Address No 43 college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way, Imo state Nigeria. The Spiritualist told me to buy some Spiritual items and having bought them. He gave a spiritual therapy to discourage him from drunkness.

Sincerely speaking, when i applied the Spiritualist therapy my ex- husband desist from taking any thing alcoholic

However, the Spiritualist asked me to go along with my ex-husband to finish the remaining work. When i told him to accompany me to the Spiritualist,he agreed with me, but after a while it escaped my mind to remind him about it.

Within few months later his misbehaviour came back strong and in different dimensions. I now recalled what the Spiritualist told me to bring him for the final deliverance. I made every effort to ensure we visit the Spiritualist to finalise the work, but my ex- husband proved to be difficult.

After a couple of months my ex-husband refused me for money to up keep the family. He many a times denied me for sex and going about with little girls.

Since i didnt get money from him to up keep the family and he has wittingly and unwittingly abandoned his family responsibilities .My parents asked me to go back home and I,m rightly at home doing nothing with them.

I was told that he was taken to the Spiritualist on my behalf and he has come to his senses, but due to my long distance with him, he has settled down with a new wife.

According to a source he referred  me as his ex- wife, why i also refer to him as my ex- husband. Only the children still connect us together.

Now i need  your advice  and i beg you. please advise me correctly because am confused. My question is should i continue to stay with my parents or i should endeavour to persuade him to continue with our marriage?

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