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I really wish I could reveal so much to you all here, but as I have always said, many of you read (which is good) but atlas, most of you do not participate. The topic of urine was brought to my mind after speaking to one of my students.

  The Spiritual Power of Urine and How to Use It.

1. It is never good to see random money and pick it up

At times money may be set to destroy someone’s prosperity (through the act of obeah). Often times coins are used, but paper money are also used. The Obeah may not have been set for you, the one who has found it, but nevertheless it can still affect you, so be cautious. It matters not if you believe or not, be certain that bad obeah is real and can certainly latch unto the unintended. Here is what you do if you do happen to be in this situation: Use urine to sprinkle on the money before touching it. It does not have to be saturated as my friend did, but make sure the urine gets sprinkled all over it. From there, you are free to do with it as you wish. Africans even practice the same, so Jamaicans, you have not forgotten what the Motherland taught your ancestors.

2. Eating In Your Dreams

If you have a dream, where you have eaten in the dream, in most cases, this is a spiritual attack. It does not matter if the food was given to you or prepared by your favorite grandmother, the enemy can use your trust against you and disguise himself as the person you trust most. That lovely plate of curry goat you were served, was spiritually a plate of nails. Here’s what you do if this should happen to you: Get up in the morning, do not speak to anyone, find something to pee in and (yes – I know this is gross) drink a little sip of it. Three small sips is enough! Not a whole cup full. Disgusting, yes, I know. However, what has been given to you, to hurt, maim or even kill you, will have no effect. Just think that it is your own urine and not Captain Lou Albano’s own (remember him?) and you will be fine.

3. Urine in Love Spells

I wanted to tell this one, but I thought better of it. Many people use urine in love spells and it is indeed effective. However I must warn you: Doing anything to bind a person to bind a person to you against their will is never good. It can cause great harm in terms of illness or even cost a person their life in the end. There are many “side effects” (for lack of a better word) to performing a ritual like this on someone, and can ultimately turn back against the person who has performed it. Please do not even think of doing this work, and for the purpose of not tempting anyone, I will not give the remedy. I just want you to know that it is used by those knowledgeable in binding jobs, along with other things added, and something extra that is extremely important for it to be effective.

5. Removing Planted Evil (Juju) From Your Home or Business

Use urine to wash in front of your house to remove any evil someone might have placed there. So if Matilda has sprinkled your business place with bad obeah to stop your business, or maybe sprinkled some “no mek she get no customer powder“, do not worry. Guh peepee inna sinting and wash off de place wid it, do it in de night. Just pee into something and wash the area! It will probably smell renk like a wild boar or public toilet, but hey, it’s effective   But if you really are worried about the smell, after 3 days time you can wash it away with whatever cleaning solution you choose. Matilda move har claaat!

5. Receiving Spiritually “Fixed” Money

If you believe you have been given bad money, use urine to sprinkle the money, along with High John the Conqueror Oil on the money (I am not a huge believer in oils, but there are few that I know works, and this is one of them). Set the money upon a plate with some powdered blue inside the plate and say an incantation. You will now wait 7 days before the obeah is removed from the money where you can spend it without a problem. This can also be used if you do not trust someone but you must pay them money from your hand. If you suspect they may take that money and hurt you spiritually, the same instructions above can be used, except you don’t have to make it wait for 7 days. But if the person is suspicious of the money and does want to take it from you or returns to you, you also can not use the money right away because you have just fixed it yourself. It must stay in that dish for 7 days.

6. Protection From Unwanted Entities

If you are going out, but you may be worried about coming back late at night and what entity may want to follow you home. Use urine to pour before your gate before you enter, or use it before you leave the house and say an incantation.

7. Gain Confidence with Your Urine

I am so happy to say that one of my students told me this one. If you have a situation where you need confidence, wait until the next morning and take your first morning’s urine and dab a little on your face (I am being a little more gentle with these instructions but if I were to use her own words: “Take your urine and wash your face with it.”) And then go out and face whatever it is you needed confidence for.

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