Friday, August 12, 2022


Life they says is what you make out of it otherwise is meaningless.

A 22 years old boy owned a mega boutique in warri Delta State. The boy  is so gentle and innocent , but highly exposed. People from all works of life came to patronised his business because its first among the equal in the city.

As a result of the popularity of his boutique and the financial net worth. People started calling him names particularly family members. Some alleged him of using blood money, while others accused him a yahoo boy.

In spite of these accusations he remain unruffle and unperturbed , but focused on his business. One day, his girl friend came to asked him about how he got his money. He asked her the reason why she was asking that question . She kept  quiet due to fear.

Few days later, she repeated the question and he told her to forget about the relationship ,if she cannot respond to his earlier question concerning what she heard about him. She started begging for forgiveness that she heard from the grapevine that you are using blood money that is why she decided to ask the question.

He told the girl friend that since she  have took the pain and courage to ask him and  didn't  join others to accused him on his behalf without asking .He will let her know how he made his money. He therefore opened up to her  that he got his money through spiritual means and never involve in blood money. He was introduced to Chief Dr Ohanu Spiritual home, 

phone +2348088077395 who show him the way to Spiritual money.
The money he realized  through Spiritual means is what he used to established the boutique. The money has no adverse effects. He now promised to debunk the insinuation from the public to clear the air of doubt.

Within few days he called some of his friends and debunked the information going around in the town hall and did same in the church. He invited both print and electronics media to the church and made the declaration known to nay Sayers.

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