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Prophet Daniel Abodunrin, a Nigerian pastor.He tried to re-enact the biblical story of Daniel in the "lion's den".

This was not a good idea, because unfortunately he was eaten by a lion.It was 1991 and Prophet Daniel Abodunrin already performed many miracles, so his congregation thought.

But now he decided to repeat the story of Daniel, who was thrown into the lion's den, but survived because of the powers given to him by God.

Prophet Daniel Abodunrin wanted to perform his planned miracle in the zoo of the University of Ibadan.

On that holy day, the zooo was full of visitors to see the many animals, but Prophet was there to put the word of God to the test.

Prophet Daniel Abodunrin came to the zoo dressed in red.

According to reports, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin snuck into a cage filled with lions to show people that the God Daniel served in the old days still exists.

The pastor entered the lion enclosure with the Holy Bible under his arm. The zoo visitors tried to persuade him to return, but he would have none of it.

As he entered the enclosure, he prayed and spoke in tongues. He also recited some Bible passages. He called on the God of Daniel to repeat what he had done in the Bible story.

According to reports, when the lions saw Prophet Daniel Abodunrin, they retreated. Perhaps they had been frightened.

Ab er the pastor kept approaching the lions and suddenly they attacked him after all.

According to some eyewitnesses, the Bible of Prophet Daniel Abodunrin fell to the ground immediately after the lions attacked.

The lions kept biting him until he was dead.

Many Nigerians described Prophet Daniel Abodunrin as reckless after the fact.

I think he failed to consider one thing.

If I were such a god, I would like not be ordered when to work miracles.

I probably wouldn't have saved him either. Because he was already megalomaniac.

Source : Quora 

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