Monday, September 5, 2022


There Are Many Benefits One Can Derive From Partaking In The IJMB/JUPEB Program, Not Only In The Affiliated Study Center, But Also When The Candidate Gets To The University.

Below Are Such Benefits Students/Candidates Of The IJMB/JUPEB Program Enjoy:

1. The candidate will gain admission direct to 200Level without using Jamb result.

The student will be able to cope academically as he or she will be more academically equipped than his/her  counterpart who did Jamb.

2. Students with deficiency in either or both their O'Level English and maths can still enroll for the program as such deficiencies are been taking care of during the IJMBexam

3. We will ensure we follow up the student's admission processing until he/she gains admission to the university.

4. We will ensure the students are well secured during the period of doing the IJMB/JUPEB program and also ensure they achieve their goals i.e. To Pass The IJMB/JUPEB Exam And Also Gain Direct Admission Straight To 200Level Into Your Choice University Without Using Jamb Result.*

5. They will be in upper hand when they get to the university. Why? Because, during the course of the program, they will cover most part of the 100Level, some part of 200Level and 300Level courses  that will enable them to be familiar with what they're going to be taught when  they get to the  UNIVERSITY.

6. Aspirants of the university who are awaiting O'Level result can still apply. 

7. Statistics have shown that; Students that did the IJMB/JUPEB Program are more brilliant and intelligent than their colleagues. And also, have the capability of graduating with a good grade.

8. Multiple Admission Choices.

9. It can be used anytime, anywhere and does not expire.

10. You don't need Entrance Examination to begin any of the Programs.

11. Moderate and affordable fees that can be paid in installments like 2 to 3 times before the end of the program.

12. it enable students catch up with their mates who got admission when they could not. 
13. It prepares students for the rest of the remaining session they will use in their Choice University.

14.No more repeating JAMB (UTME) Yearly. Etc...

Your Academic Welfare Is Our Con

Eventual Admission Guaranteed 

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