Thursday, September 22, 2022


Even my receptionist while I was in government has a better degree than Obi. After all this noise on social media it is only a Second Class degree in Philosophy that your messiah has? Zenith Bank will not even employ such an educationally challenged character! Let us be objective. If you advertise a job, and a man with a PhD in Water Engineering (Rabiu Kwankwaso), and another with a Masters (with distinction) in International Relations (Waziri Atiku Abubakar), and finally a man with a second class lower in philosophy (Peter Obi) applied, 

who would you employ among the three? Remove tribal and religious sentiments and answer truthfully! And the Obi, with his Second Class in Philosophy, wanted Kwankwaso, with his PhD in Water Engineering, to be his running mate. 

No be Okija shrine juju be that? Apply for a job in Shell with a Second Class in Philosophy and see if you even get a response back! - he posted


  1. The alarming plaguing states of things in Nigeria today don't require intellectuals with the highest degrees who can't proffer solutions to our present downtrodden economy and insecurities. We are looking forward to having people who are intelligent enough with excellent spirit to provide solutions to our problems. PHD and MASTER degrees holders can't solve Nigerian challenges like Kwankwaso and Atiku but Peter Obi is intelligent, competent enough with integrity as well as having an excellent spirit to serve Nigerians with the Best of his ability to restore the dignity, Unity, glory and greatness of our nation because he is a young man with boldness, courage and sound mind to do the incredible and dare the impossible by the grace of God. God bless Peter Obi with new dimensions of divine ideas, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and all manners of workmanship to uphold the dignity of Nigeria. My spirit delights so much on Peter Obi. Indeed, the Almighty God has answered Nigerians prayers for giving such man with the fear of God and it's our collective responsibilities to design and be rightly guided by the spirit of the living God to make the Right Choice of casting our votes for Peter Obi without any reservations. Then The Lord, The maker of heaven and earth will perfect the rest for us. Oh Lord! My God, help us to see well and act accordingly with the light of His glory. Amen! Nigeria is great and blessed. However, the storms of poverty, suffering and insecurities is over from this moment, we are crossing over to our Canaan land of GREAT Nigeria. Believe it, Dream it, Declare it and Keep saying it by Faith not until it's manifestation. Hallelujah!

  2. When a person is pounding yam, it is usual for the hater to say he is pounding an empty mortar. Nigerians are looking for who is resourceful and willing to put food on their table. It is not about papers and theories which have not helped matters.

  3. Employing someone with a Masters/ PhD as a receptionist is considered to be underemployment with its attendant psychological torment and trauma resulting in low self esteem and perhaps, depression. This is tantamount to slavery. With your vast exposure and learning, you could do better by upgrading the victim to a more humane cadre. Besides, learning experiences and degrees/ higher degrees acquired as young people are usually more internalised and resilient than those 'put my name' qualifications common in latter life.