Wednesday, September 14, 2022


The Fulani, a people of obscure origins, expanded eastward from Futa Toro in Lower Senegal in the 14th century. By the 16th century they had established themselves at Macina (upstream from the Niger Bend) and were proceeding eastward into Hausaland.

Fulani is not indigenous to Nigeria,The acenstral linage of Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and the Benin kingdom has been activated by God himself, a story was told by our great great grand fathers on how an Hausa man to be crowned king must spend 4 mkt days in Umuleri before becoming an Hausa king thereby paying a homage to his acenstral linage before becoming king,, these include Benin kingdom and Yoruba kingdom.  Oni of ife has said these things several times but people dont pay attention to it because of pride, hatred  and against the Ndị igbo, for being the first generation of black linage!!, but truth be told, all will find out soon. Nigerians will unite against their common enemy who is killing Nigerians.  And these same people killing Nigerians have been ruling Nigerians, despite they are not indigenous to this country.

Credit : Nigerian youth movement

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