Friday, September 16, 2022


11 things we should never do 

1. Never ever give others a higher priority than yourself.

2.  Never take anyone for granted.

3. Never ever judge someone unless you walk into their shoes.

4.  Never ever get addicted to adult contents or films. [18+ stuff]

5.   Never ever give up. [your time is yet come, don’t worry.]

6.  Never waste your time with the friends who treat you like crap and make you feel worthless.

7.  Never try to fake your love for people, since it will lead to more problems in future 

8.  Never ever forget the people and friends who helped you during your rough times.

9. Neverdepend on other people, get your work done by your self. [stop using excuses!]

10. Never ever be rude to your parents.

11.  Never treat some people differently than others. [because of their race, gender, or religion]

 Dear reader , thanks for spending your time to read this , I hope you understood everything , please apply this you will change in your life 

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