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 India Scored Nigeria 9-1 

Did it happen ? All you need to know about it 

If you haven’t heard of this story, we wonder where you have been.  This story has been passed from generation to generation. 
This was what was said to happen 

The match ended with India scoring 99 goals and Nigeria scoring just one goal.

Nigerians where not able to kick the ball because the football kept turning into lion to prevent them from playing the ball.

The Indians later agreed that if Nigeria could score a goal, they would concede defeat

Samuel Okwaraji scored the winning goal and lost his life in the process.

Then FIFA banned India from soccer because they used black magic in that very game 

With the help of common sense (not that it was absent back then), quick access to information and the internet, most Nigerian has come to realise that the story was not true

Why Did This Story Thrive For So Long?

Most people like to pass off this story as true with the fact that no one has ever seen India in an International Football Match. Since no one actually saw India participate in most international soccer games, this gave a little credence to the story.

Another reason the story could thrive for long was the fact that credible information was not readily available at our finger tips. Back then not everyone could visit Google in a matter of minutes to confirm the story

There are some facts  in the story anyways 

On the 12th of August 1989, Nigeria lost Sam Okwaraji.(not in the match). He  was the player rumored to have lost his life in that game when in truth he died during a FIFA World Cup qualifying game against Angola in the 77th minute.

Credit: Online news 

# Rip Samuel Okwaraji 
A great Super Eagle player then 

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