Sunday, September 18, 2022


Carter Efe cries unconsolably as he narrates his own side of the story....

He said  “Berri Tiga didn't know anything about Machala, I invited him to my house and gave him the whole idea and we came up with the song together. He was nothing but I made him popular, this guy had less than 10K followers on social media. There was another guy on the song who sang so well too but Berri asked me to remove him coz he was scared the guy would outshine him. I treated this boy with love but now he is on social media tarnishing my image... I now see why some successful people hate helping others coz it always ends up like this. He reached out to me saying he wants us to pretend like we are fighting so he can promote his next song but now he is on social media giving me a bad name against my will. The oil on my head is strong. My God will judge and punish this boy and every other person pushing his agenda...”

Toosekons: Some people in this life doesn't deserve help seriously !!

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