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According to Arewa group, "Northern Nigeria produces a large portion of staple food we use in the country, the food that we mostly import is wheat. The North also produces the meat that Nigerians eat. It produce the maize and Soya beans that Nigerians use for making chicken feeds. Poultry is a profitable business in Nigeria that employ many people in the country, we may say that Northerners are the ones who indirectly provide eggs and chicken to Nigeria. And now with the building of many rice mills in Northern states by Dangote group, the company maintained it will soon start exporting rice to other countries.

Nigerian gdp distribution shows agriculture represents the largest sector of the Nigerian economy which contributes 26% of the Nigerian gdp. The services sector contributed 53.56% to Nigerian GDP, while the contribution of the industrial sector is 20.56%. Overall the non-oil sector contributed 92.76% to Nigerian economy. The contribution of the oil sector is just 7.24%.

This report is based on the data from the National Bureau of Statistics on the Q4 2021 Gross Domestic Product report published on Nairametrics website.

Southern Nigeria are backwards in agriculture and animals rearing compared to Northern Nigeria, thousands of trucks full of foodstuffs and livestock leaving north to South on regular basis. but south are ahead of the North in services and industries. But the sad reality is Services and industries in Nigeria do not create wealth, they just generate incomes from agricultural and oil money. Most of the wealth in Nigeria are obtain from agriculture and oil, without them most of the industries and services will collapsed.

Based on this analysis, isn't true to say northern Nigeria is a burden to Nigeria, in contrary they are bless to the rest of the country. Few of them rely on the oil that is extracting from the south, they grow their own wealth.

Some of the answer on this question also indicate that the North is a burden to Nigeria because of high rates of illiteracy and Insecurity. It will not make sense to say there is a high rates of illiteracy in the North with all the numbers of doctors and professors they produce as well as the numbers of surplus of university graduates they produce that are all seeking for jobs. This may be true in rural areas because higher education isn't for everybody. It is true that Northern Nigeria is educationally disadvantageous compared to southern Nigeria. 

There are many people in Nigeria who pursue some useless and outdated degrees that will not even use what they learnt in real life just because of peer pressure. If higher education is correlated to wealth and development professors will be the highest millionaires in Nigeria, most southern states will be more industrious and prosperous than Kano state and Yoruba that are the most educated in Nigeria will produce the most successful business men in Nigeria instead of Igbos.

Going to school is not the only means of acquiring education especially in this internet era, it may even be a wasting of time in some cases. There are many self-taught programmers in Nigeria that earn more than what university graduates earn despite they haven't study in school beyond secondary school.

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