Saturday, October 15, 2022


On Monday, October 10, the Matrix Church of St Matthew was the victim of an act of disrespect and desecration of Religious Faith.

According to information from one of the Parish Priests, the vandalism took place at midday. "We believe that this happened between 11:45 am and 12:30 pm, and whoever did this closed the church door for anyone not to see, because the church is always open for people to pray. We heard a certain noise and soon someone ran to inform us of what had happened. 28 images were broken in total, including the images of the room of the saints, the baptism, the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Patroness of our Lady of Assumption .
We thank God that the Tabernacle where the Eucharistic Jesus is was not violated and the images of Angels were not damaged . We are very sad but we are already taking the necessary measures, analyzing the images from the cameras", commented Father Diego Ronaldo Nakalski, parish vicar.

The city of São Mateus do Sul - PR has three parishes, and the São Mateus parish is the oldest in the municipality, founded in 1926.

Pray for the Church!
Bishop Shanahan Bulletins

Credit : Catholic news agency

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